The Guide For Every Screenwriter

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Whether you are learning how to write a screenplay or are a veteran screenwriter, this is the perfect tool for you. This book reveals the mysteries of screenwriting from concept development, subplots, to format and beyond by using easy to follow templates and examples. 

When it comes to the world of screenwriting there are several different books that discuss the foundations of the craft. Calhoun’s book, “The Guide For Every Screenwriter From Synopsis to Subplots: The Secrets of Screenwriting Revealed,” may appear no different at first glance, but deep within its core are several precise reference tools and some unswerving advice, all of which comes across as solid, well-founded, and informative.

In Part I: Development, Calhoun discusses such aspects as character, theme, and concept to help a writer foster their inspiration. Offering up several diagrams, templates, and worksheets, Calhoun provides a plethora of ways for a writer to work through initial stages of writing/screenwriting.


But it is when Calhoun delves into the minutia of structure, in Part II, that we are privy to a solid conceptual understanding of how plot works for Calhoun himself. Calhoun creates his own diagrammatic structural model (which he provides in the book) that allows him to breakdown some of Hollywood’s best-plotted films. By coalescing his real-life experience as a screenwriter, story editor, and script doctor with his knowledge of the most prolific storytelling/screenwriting authors (Campbell, Field, Vogler, Snyder, etc.) Calhoun creates a structural mosaic that is highly accessible, even to the most novice of writers.


Part III: Format, contains several important, pragmatic and current formatting tips (as of 2019) for every screenwriter to remember. In PART IV: What Comes Next and Part V: Networking, Calhoun’s real-world expertise really shines. These last sections, offering up honest and straight forward advice, provide important suggestions about making connections, script protection, and employment, without being bogged down by diatribe.


Through a combination of his notion as to how the writing process works, his understanding of structure, and his practical experience in the industry, Calhoun refreshingly offers up an approach to screenwriting that is of value to novices and pros alike.


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